Boost portfolio performance from the beginning.

FraudBlock automatically scores leads based on analysis of multiple third-party identity verification and fraud intelligence sources and Lokyata's internal fraud network. So you buy better leads.

Reduce Fraudulent Leads

Reduce fraudulent leads

Reduce Uncontactable Leads

Reduce uncontactable leads

Reduce Onboarding Time

Reduce onboarding time

Eliminate inaccurate or incomplete data on loan applications.

FraudBlock automatically scrapes applicant information and connects to third-party APIs and data sources to build an accurate identity profiles and meet eKYC requirements.

FraudBlock verifies applicant information using:

  • Name
  • Physical address
  • Email
  • IP address
  • Phone number

Surface signs of fraudulent behavior

Stop fraudulent loans being funded. FraudBlock spots sophisticated fraudulent behavior using Al. So fraudulent leads don't become customers.

  • Data point isolation
  • Reverse look ups
  • Data combinations matched to fraud networks
  • FraudBlock's own internal fraud network

Set your business rules.

Automatically filter unsuitable leads. FraudBlock automatically scores every lead according to your criteria. So you can automatically buy or decline leads. Or flag for manual review.



Buy the right leads at the right price with Fraudblock

Schedule a demo now to see how you can increase loan portfolio profitability from the start.

  • Reduce uncontactable and fraudulent leads
  • Accelerate lead onboarding and increase lead-to-underwriting conversion rates
  • Set your own business rules and customize lead quality
  • Ensure every lead purchased can be contacted
  • Seamless integration with any CRM or digital lending platform