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AI-Driven Portfolio Risk Analytics

Better risk management.

A state-of-the-art web based analytics platform that gives you full visibility into your portfolio, including growth, liquidity, delinquency, and profitability. Define custom scenarios, analyze AI-driven forecasts, and develop custom risk mitigation strategies.

Uncover hidden risks and opportunities in your portfolio.

AI Driven Customer-Level Risk Segmentation

  • AI driven risk segmentation from individual customer risk profile data

  • Select risk segment to create risk scenarios

  • Target mitigation strategies to individuals in each segment







Simple and Intuitive Scenario Builder

  • Build and run multiple scenarios, assess and compare impact

  • Adjust parameters to see response in real time

  • Optimize capital, liquidity, and customer relationship strategy

  • No Excel or programming skills required 







More Accurate Portfolio Forecasts

  • Segment-level risk scenarios roll up to portfolio forecast

  • Repayment behavior driven insights

  • Forecasts instantly refreshed







Portfolio Insights

Better analysis means better mitigation.

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