Lokyata helps you create and execute digital lending strategies on our AI-driven customer profile analytics platform.


Lokyata ExcelRate

A high-performance, real-time credit decisioning system. Machine learning based scoring models are trained using your data and business goals to produce an API-accessible loan underwriting system that returns transparent credit decisions including grantable amount, interest rate, and term. Custom lending rules and policies are defined collaboratively with our clients and integrated by Lokyata.

Lokyata Insights

A state-of-the-art web and mobile based analytics platform providing portfolio growth, PAR, vintage, and forecast analytics. All Lokyata products integrate into the Insights portal. Alerts can be set up to monitor KPIs. Automated extracts keep the analytics up to date and always available.



Lokyata Touch

A customer engagement platform leveraging our proprietary machine learning transparency technology. Decision codes generated by the model map to messages during real-time scoring, or are used to screen and segment data for batch messaging. Decision codes and messages can also be used to nudge borrower behavior, make product recommendations, and drive rewards programs.


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