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AI-Driven Lending Decisions

Better lending decisions.

A high-performance, real-time credit decisioning system. AI-driven scoring models are trained using your data and business goals to produce an API-accessible loan underwriting system that returns transparent credit decisions including grantable amount, interest rate, and term. Custom lending rules and policies are defined collaboratively with you and integrated by us.

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Go where others can’t.

Lokyata has decades of experience helping lenders grow in data starved environments. Leverage alternative data and our AI platform to reach new markets where customers have no credit history or formal financial data.


Understand and explain.

Our platform helps you understand your customer and engage them throughout their lifecycle. With our proprietary transparentAI, you can dive deeper and see why lending decisions are made and which factors increase or reduce risk.


Plug in easy. Rest easy.

We provide REST APIs for easy integration to our platform. Our multi-layered secure cloud approach ensures the highest level of security. We always put data security and privacy first.


Fair, responsible lending.

Contrary to popular belief, algorithms can be prejudiced. Ours aren’t. We ensure our lending models always comply with fair lending practices and help you monitor and immediately flag any potential issues.


Better lending decisions means higher profits. Talk to us about how we can help you respond to COVID-19.

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